TUTORIAL: How to Live Stream games on Twitch using OBS STUDIO (2019)

TUTORIAL: How to Live Stream games on Twitch using OBS STUDIO (2019)

Live streaming your favorite games on Twitch is easy once you know the tricks. In this post, I will explain how to do so in detail.


Before we start with the steps, lets take a look at the requirements. The list is short and you are most likely have all the boxes checked on this list.

Here’s a list of what you should have before you start streaming on Twitch:

That’s all! If you’re here reading this, you are most likely capable of streaming!


  1. Open OBS
  2. Add Scenes
  3. Rename Scenes (I like to have one scene per game/program that I’m streaming)
  4. Add Sources
    • Game Capture for Full Screen games.
    • Window/Display Capture for Non-Full Screen games.
  5. Go to Settings
    1. Go to Stream tab and select Twitch
    2. Get your Stream Key from Twitch (Settings > Channel and Videos > Primary Stream Key)
    3. Copy and Paste your Stream Key into the ‘Stream Key’ input in OBS
    4. You could also log in directly to your Twitch account from OBS (easier) if you don’t want to use Stream Key
    5. Go to Output tab
    6. Set your bit rate to 4500 (or your preferred bit rate)
    7. Select your GPU (Hardware(AMD) or NVENC) as the encoder
    8. Go to Audio tab
    9. Select your desktop audio and microphone
    10. Go to Video tab
    11. Set the Base (Canvas) Resolution according to your monitor resolution
    12. Set the Output (Scaled) Resolution to your preferred live stream resolution.
    13. Set the Downscale Filtering according to your GPU performance. Bilinear if you have a mediocre GPU and go higher if you have a good GPU.
    14. Set your preferred FPS. I use 60 fps for lighter games and 30 fps for heavier games.
    15. Click Apply then OK.
  6. You are ready to stream! Simply click on Start Streaming and you’re live.

Note: This tutorial is simply the basics of live streaming. It doesn’t include fancy stuffs like Notifications or Slideshows.

Video tutorial

Let’s be honest, some of us hates reading. But fret not! I’ve prepared a video tutorial for you.


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