Dota Plus by Overwolf App Review + Guide

Dota Plus by Overwolf is an app that helps Dota 2 players during the ban/pick phase of a match by giving player’s stats, performance, and draft suggestions. This app won’t get you VAC banned so don’t worry!

Dota Plus Overwolf
Dota Plus by Overwolf

Dota Plus by overwolf FEATURES

Players’ In-Game Stats

Dota Plus by Overwolf In-Game Stats
Dota Plus by Overwolf In-Game Stats

Dota Plus provides all of the player’s (except private profiles) important stats such as rank, matches,win rate, and most played heroes to give you an idea of how good the players are. Apart from that Dota Plus also tells your how often a particular player plays either Core or Support that helps you know which role that player is going to go for.

This feature is by far my most favorite one since it’s a page compiled with information that you could use quickly as you need to be fast during the Ban/Pick phase of a game.

Ban/Pick Suggestions

Dota Plus by Overwolf Pick Suggestions
Suggested Hero Picks
Dota Plus by Overwolf Ban Suggestions
Suggested Hero Bans

Dota Plus provide suggestions on which heroes to pick and ban based on histories of each players in the game. It helps eliminating the enemy’s best played heroes and gives you suggestions on which heroes to pick so you can have a greater advantage against your opponents.

The suggestions can also be categorized all lanes such as Mid Lane, Safe Lane, Roaming and Off Lane which enables you to fine tune the suggestions according to your lane and role.

Hero Matchups Calculation

Dota Plus Hero Matchups
Dota Plus by Overwolf Hero Matchups
Dota Plus Hero Matchups
Hero Matchups Percentage

This application also provides a Hero Matchup calculation to give information on how much advantage or disadvantage a hero has against another hero in the game.

The hero matchups calculations are based on heroes’ base win rate and how it changes when against each other. A hero wins the matchup once his win rate is at least 2% higher against the enemy hero. Total hero advantage across all 5 enemy heroes is averaged. So what is being displayed is the average hero advantage and disadvantage against all enemy heroes.

Green: Radiant Advantage
Red: Dire Advantage

Top Meta Picks

Top Meta Picks
Dota Plus by Overwolf Top Meta Picks

By using this app, you are also able to view the most trending heroes according to the meta. The heroes shown here are those with high pick and win rates in recent Dota 2 matches. A useful feature to identify heroes that are powerful in the current meta.

Counter Picks Suggestion

Counter Picks Suggestion
Dota Plus by Overwolf Counter Picks Suggestion

This app also provides a Counter Pick Suggestion based on your enemy team picks. You are given a set of heroes to pick from which has the highest advantage against each enemy heroes.

Team Composition

Team Composition
Dota Plus by Overwolf Team Composition

Last but not least, you’ll get a Team Composition overview. This feature lets you know how strong your team’s lineup as well as your opponent’s lineup. An interesting feature that lets you assess your draft.

How to get this app?

App homepage
Dota Plus Homepage

To get Dota Plus, simply go to their website at Dota Plus by Overwolf , download the app by clicking on the “Get Dota Plus” button and install.

Once installed, you can adjust the settings by clicking the interface floating on your display.

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