My portfolio showcases various projects created and achievements throughout my life.


I’ve always performed in a weird but bad way since high school. I got bad results for everything except English and Maths. Around the age of 16, I’ve tried programming in Lua for Roblox and realized my brain wasn’t wired for things like Chemistry, Physics or even Biology. It was made to write codes!

Now, I’m a graduate from Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) holding a Diploma in Computer Science and a First Class Degree in Information Technology (Hons.) Intelligent Systems Engineering (Artificial Intelligence was the highlight during this).


I love programming and I also love doing benchmarks of my capabilities by joining Hackathon competitions. Managed to get listed as finalists for Hack2Hired and 1st place for Health Hackathon 2.0. Good ol’ days.


Haven’t I told you that I love programming? Well, here’s some of the projects that I’ve done. I do part-time freelance programming as well (such as the Lucky Draw web for Annual Dinner project) for extra income.


Dota 2

I’ve played Dota since 2010 and joined Dota 2 since 2012. I spend most of my time playing Dota 2 when I’m unoccupied. As of now, I am Divine ranked and Offlane is my favorite role.

Here are some of the Dota 2 Tournaments that I’ve joined and actually got something out of it. I’ve joined lots of tournaments and I really enjoyed every single one of them.

I also make videos of Dota 2 on Youtube while streaming on Twitch. I’ve discontinued them for a while now and planning to resume soon. Do subscribe to my channel on Youtube and follow me on Twitch!